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Which god does Lord Shiva meditate on?

Which god does Lord Shiva meditate on?

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Which god does Lord Shiva meditate on: who is Lord Shiva? Whose meditation is done by Lord Shankar? Lord Shiva Shankar remains engrossed in meditation

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Lord shiva
Lord Shiva

   Which god does Lord Shiva meditate on?: You must have heard this many times that Lord Shiva Shankar remains engrossed in meditation, but you would have never thought that, after all, who is Lord Shiva? Whose meditation is done by Lord Shankar? As you know, the most important of our religious texts are Vedas and Purana's, out of these Purana's you must have heard the name of Garuda Purana.

      According to the same Garuda Purana, I will tell you that when Lord Shankar was asked that Which god does Lord Shiva meditate on, the answer he gave, I will tell you in detail further. Hello friends, I JAY PANDEY welcome you on your own blog www.jaymart.in, so let's know.

Which god does Lord Shiva meditate on?

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       Once Lord Indra along with other deities reached Mount Kailash. There he saw that Rudradev Shankar was meditating. Brahma ji bowed down and asked him, O Sadashiv! Which god are you meditating on, I don't know any other god except you. I desire to know that ultimate essence with all these deities, Which the god Lord Shiva meditates on so you describe that.


      Lord Shiv Shankar said to Brahma ji - I meditate on Lord Vishnu, the all-fruitful, all-pervading, all-form, the Supreme Soul and the Supreme God, situated in the heart of all beings. O father! To worship the same Vishnu, I wear ashes on my body and cobwebs on my head and remain immersed in fasting. I meditate upon the supreme Supreme Lord Shri Hari, who is all-pervading, joyous, non-dual, formless, and Padmanabha, who is pure and pure in the form of a swan. In this essence Shri Vishnu, in whom the whole world resides, who enters the whole world in himself at the time of destruction, taking myself in his shelter in all ways, I think of him only.

     The Lord in whom Satvagun, Rajogun, and Tamogun exist in one formula like Chitmanis. The one who has thousand eyes, thousand feet, thousand thighs, and the best face. Who is the subtlest of the subtle, the grossest of the gross, the Gurutama of the Guru, the worshipable of the worshipable and the best of the best. Who has been called the ultimate truth of truths and Satyakarma. Those who are Puran Purush and Brahmins in Dwijatis. I worship that supreme worshiper who is called Sankarshan in the time of doom.

Sri Vishnu
Lord Shri Vishnu

Which god does Lord Shiva meditate on?

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      Gods, Yakshas, ​​Rakshasas and Nagagans worship the Supreme Brahman in the form of Satyasvarupa (Pranavasvarupa) beyond the Satyasata, in whom all the people get excited in the same way as small fishes get excited in the water. Whose mouth is fire, head is heaven, navel is sky, feet are earth and eyes are sun and moon. I meditate on that Vishnu Dev like this. On whose other side heaven, mortal and underworld these three worlds exist.

    Whose arms are all the directions, Whose wind is the sigh, Whose group of clouds are the kespunj, Whose are the rivers, Whose all the organs are the treaties and Whose four seas are some. The one who is timeless, who is beyond Yagya and Sat-Asta, who is the original cause of the world and himself is eternal. I think of that Narayan like this. The moon is born from the mind, the sun from the eyes and fire from the mouth. From whose feet the earth was created, from the ears the directions and from the forehead the heaven.


      The God from whom Sarg, Pratisarg, Vansh, Manvantar and Vanshanuchit have originated. I worship that god. In this way everyone was satisfied at the behest of Lord Shankar and everyone bowed down to Lord Shri Vishnu. So friends, as you must have known that Which god does Lord Shiva meditate on, how did you like the article, do tell by commenting. Thanks for spending your valuable time on jaymart.in!

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