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Thakur Sujan Singh a brave warrior

Thakur Sujan Singh a brave warrior

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Thakur Sujan Singh a brave warrior: A 22 year old heroic warrior who protects his religion and country on the battlefield, bypassing his newlywed life

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Thakur Sujan Singh a brave warrior
Thakur Sujan Singh a brave warrior

Today we will learn about Thakur Sujan Singh, a 22-year-old heroic warrior who protects his religion and country on the battlefield, bypassing his newlywed life, Forgetting the severed vial, they kept fighting the enemies. Who fought the 10 thousand armies of the Mughals with 500 soldiers including marriage processions.

Hello, friends, I welcome you jay pandey your blog On. Friends, India land is full of countless heroes. We are aware of some of which we do not know the name of. Today, one of them will know the story of Thakur Sujan Singh, a brave warrior.

Thakur Sujan Singh - Thakur Sujaan Singh

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The talk is dated 7 March 1679 AD, Thakur Sujan Singh was carrying his wedding procession, and 22-year-old Thakur Suzan Singh looked like a deity. It seemed as if the gods were carrying their procession. He did not even see his bride's face.

It was evening, so stop at the "splash" for night's rest. In a few moments, he heard the voices of curls in cows. The voices were not clear, yet they were trying to listen as if those voices were saying something to them. Thakur Sujan Singh said to his people - maybe this is the voice of the shepherds, listen, what do they want to say?

Detectives reported that Yuvraj is saying that an army has come on the "god. They were shocked and then said how was the army? Whose army? Which temple has come? The answer came "Yuvraj Ye Aurangzeb has a very large army. Whose commander is Darabkhan? Which is kept outside the Khandela.

The decision to break the Shri Krishna temple at Khandela was made yesterday. Everything changed in an instant. The happy marriage was suddenly hardened. The soft body had become as stiff as the thunderbolt. Those who were processions were transformed into the army, and they started discussing with their army men. Then he came to know that he had only 70 troops with him.
Thakur Sujan Singh a brave warrior
Thakur Sujan Singh

Thakur Sujan Singh 1679 - Thakur Sujaan Singh 1679

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Then they gathered some men from a nearby village without losing a moment in the nighttime. About 500 horsemen had now passed them. Suddenly Thakur Sujan Singh remembered his wife, whose face he could not even see, who was sitting in the doli. Will you have passed that, who has not seen even his red couple properly? They were lost in a variety of ideas. Then he remembered his mother's words in his ears.

Thakur Sujan Singh pledged not to leave Rajput Dharma. His wife also understood all things. He turned his eyes to Doli, his wife pointing out the expensive hands. There were expressions of happiness on the face. She was performing the duties of a true kshatraani. As if she wanted to break into the enemy with a sword, but it could not happen.

Thakur Sujan Singh went to Doli and ordered his wife including Doli to bow down and send the dolly safe to Doli and the barber to his kingdom and surrounded Khandela himself and Started alerting him. People say that as if Krishna himself was attending that temple. His mouth was also shining like Shri Krishna.

On 8 March 1679, Darabakhan's army had come face to face. Mahakal devotee Sujan Singh remembers his favored dev and with every Mahadev's Jaighosh, with a Mughal army of 10 thousand, the Ghanghor war between Sujan Singh's 500 people is a long time Gone. Sujan Singh leaped towards her to kill Darabkhan and killed 40 Mughal armies.

Seeing such might, Darabkhan thought it good to retreat. But Thakur Sujan Singh was not going to stop. Whoever was coming in front of them was being killed. Thakur Sujan Singh was at war by taking the form of an interview death. It seemed as if the Mahakal itself was fighting.
Thakur Sujan Singh a brave warrior
Thakur Sujan Singh

Sujan Singh aur Darabkhan war - War of Darabkhan and Sujan Singh

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Meanwhile, some people were eyeing Thakur Sujan Singh. But this is not the head in Sujan Singh's body! People were shocked! But his people did not take long to understand when Thakur Suzan Singh has attained salvation. Sujan Singh favors the wars they are doing. Everyone bowed their head in mind and bowed to Favoreddev.

Now Darabkhan was killed. The Mughal army was running away, but, Thakur Sujan Singh, riding the horse without a head, was killing the Mughals. There was such an orgy of death on that battlefield, which can be gauged from this point of view, 7 thousand army of Mughals had been killed at the hands of Sujan Singh and his 500 soldiers alone. The remaining Khuchi army fled in full.


Then Thakur Sujan Singh, who was the only body left, turned to the temple. Historians say that the viewing public was getting a strange vivid light from Thakur Sujan Singh's body. In which the sunlight was also feeling. Seeing this, his people were also terrified and everyone started praising Shri Krishna together.

After getting down from the horse, Sujan Singh's body rolled in front of the temple statue and a knight warrior came to an end. "Koti-koti Naman to this knight warrior of Mother Bharti! So, friends, this was the story of Thakur Sujan Singh, the great warrior of Indian land. Please tell me how the post was. But thanks for giving your precious time!

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