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Importance of vermilion

Importance of vermilion

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Importance of vermilion: Why use vermilion: Marriage in Hinduism is not just a relationship between two people

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Importance of vermilion
Importance of vermilion
Importance of vermilion: Why use vermilion: Marriage in Hinduism is not just a relationship between two people but it is a vow to live together in happiness and sorrow for seven consecutive births. Marriage is also concluded only when there are seven rounds, Kanyadan and Sindardan. Sindur has been used in Sanatan Dharma since time immemorial.

After all, why is vermilion so important? Why should women put vermilion? What is the Importance of vermilion in Sanatan Dharma। Hello friends I welcome you jay pandey your blog On.

Importance of vermilion - Why use vermilion

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The importance of vermilion is more in Sanatan Dharma for three reasons. First, the mother of the world, Durga, loves vermilion. It is said that whatever a woman does in her daily work, first dedicates herself to the mother Durga, and imposes herself, her love is always safe and there is love in the husband's wife forever.

With the blessings of Mother, all the happiness in the house keeps on showering. Never in spouses not have distance but respect and desire for each other. The economic situation in the house is strong. Grief and poverty begin to end on their own. Therefore Sindoor Ka Mahatva is very much in Sanatan Dharma.


The second reason is from the Treta era ie the Ramayana era. When Mother Sita imposes vermilion, Hanuman questions Mother Sita, why they apply vermilion. Then Mother explained the Importance of vermilion Hanuman ji, saying that I apply vermilion so that Lord Shri Ram is long and he is safe.

As soon as he heard the Importance of vermilion from the mouth of Mother Sita, Shri Ram devotee Hanuman ji put vermilion on his entire body for the long life of his Lord. He felt that the mother would apply so much to the long life of Lord Shri Ram, then I will put the whole body together so that they are longer. Since then Hanuman offers vermilion to Ji. So friends this is the Importance of vermilion.

Importance of vermilion
Ma Ambey and Hanuman ji

Why do women put in demand after marriage?

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The third Importance of vermilion is also due to the Treta era. There is an incident in Ramayana when there was a feeling between Bali and Sugriva. Then Lord Shri Ram did not kill Bali in the first place. When the sugriv lord reached Sri Rama after killing Bali, Lord Shri Rama said Your body and Bali's face are one, I am confused.

Now you tell me, can anyone hide from the eyes of Lord Shri Ram? The real thing was that when Lord Shri Ram saw that, the demand of Bali's wife Tara is full of vermilion. So they did not kill Bali, respecting Sindoor.

But for the second time, when Sugriva challenged Bali, Tara was taking a bath. At the same time, God saw the opportunity as good and left. Now you tell me that when the demand is full, God does not kill him either. Then what else would kill anyone except them?

This post presented to me that, nowadays fashion is going on, not to apply vermilion or to put light or to put sideways with no demand in between. A further explains some rules and benefits of applying vermilion so that you can know more Importance of vermilion.

Importance of vermilion
Bali, Hanuman, Laxman and Ram ji

Correct method of applying vermilion

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Mercury metal is found in vermilion. An excess of this metal does not cause wrinkles on the face. Sindoor keeps the mind calm. Also, high blood pressure remains under control. At the same time, women also put vermilion in demand to avoid the sight and bad blood.

If the middle of the wife's demand is engaged in a beach, then her husband's famine is not dead. The woman who hides her demanding vermilion with hair, her husband hides in society.


The woman who does not put a cindoor in the middle puts a cindoor on the side, her husband shifts away from her. If the demand is full between the woman, then her husband's age is long. Happiness comes to the house with the blessings of Mother Jagdamba. The husband has more love for each other than the wife.

As I hope, from this post, you will understand the Importance of vermilion and for the long age and good health of your husband, vermilion in his name is demanded I will fill. It may sound awful to you. But the ultimate beauty of a woman is vermilion.

Importance of vermilion
Importance of vermilion

Why should women put vermilion?

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Because if the woman is not vermilion then why is the woman not very beautiful? He has no identity. Because of this, you have a humble request to join hands and take care of your tradition.

Our ancestors used us to consider it a boon, not a curse. Therefore, you must become modern but take care of your traditions.

You identify how much you believe in your religious traditions. We are living in Hindustan, so we have to take care of our traditions. Because we identify with him. We are filling more and more habits of Western countries inside us, it will prove fatal for us.

How did the Importance of vermilion post feel, and fill the vermilion directly in your demand for the long life and happy life of your Suhag? Motivate in-home family too. Share the post so that other people get information as well. But thanks for giving your precious time.

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