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Ficus religiosa - Importance of Ficus religiosa

Ficus religiosa - Importance of Ficus religiosa

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Ficus religiosa - Importance of Ficus religiosa: Why is the Ficus religiosa worshiped? Why Shani Dev is black and lame?

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Ficus religiosa - Importance of Ficus religiosa
Importance of Ficus religiosa

Does offering water to Ficus religiosa really reduce the wrath of Lord Shani? If less than why? What is the reason behind this, that makes tree so great?

Yes friends, today we will know the importance of Ficus religiosa tree along with Shani Dev, due to which offering of water to Ficus religiosa reduces the outbreak and why? Why has Shani Dev is not able to give his effect on any child for 5 years? Why is Shani Dev black, why is he even a little lame with one leg?

Hello friends, I Jay Pandey welcomes you to your own blog Friends, in today's article I will give you information about a very beautiful tree. For information, stay with this post from beginning to end.


Ficus religiosa - Importance of Ficus religiosa

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Once upon a time, when Maharishi Dadhichi donated his bones to kill the demons. Then the body of Maharishi Dadhichi was being cremated in the crematorium, so his wife could not bear the separation of her husband and satiated herself by sitting in the funeral pyre, keeping a 3-year-old boy in the hollow of a huge Ficus religiosa tree nearby. Thus Maharishi Dadhichi and his wife were sacrificed.

But the child kept in the hollow of the tree started crying out in agony of hunger and thirst. When no object was found, he started growing up by eating the tree's lap, that is, the fruit that fell in the pot. With time, the child's life was somehow protected by eating tree leaves and fruits.

One day Devarshi Narad passed by there. Narad saw the boy in the hollow of the tree and asked his introduction - Narad - Who are you, boy? Child - That's what I also want to know. Narad - who is your father? Boy - that's what I want to know. Then Narad looked carefully.

Narad muni
Pipplad and Narad Muni
Pippalad Rishi's name from Ficus religiosa

Narad was surprised and told that O child! You are the son of the great donor Maharishi Dadhichi. It was only by making a thunderbolt out of your father's bones that the deities got victory over the Asuras. Narad told that his father Dadhichi had died only at the age of 31 years.

Child - What was the reason for my father's premature death? Narad - Your father had Mahadasha of Shani Dev. Child - What was the reason for the calamity that came upon me? Narad - Mahadasha of Shani Dev.

By saying this, Devarshi Narad named the child Pippalad and initiated him, who lived by eating leaves and laps. After the departure of Narad, the child Pippalad pleased Brahma dev by doing severe penance as told by Narad.


Rishi Pippalad got Brahma's boon through intense penance

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When Brahma dev asked the child Pippalad to ask for a boon, Pippalad asked for the power to burn anything with just his sight. On getting a boon from Brahma Dev, Pippalad first invoked Shani Dev and presented him in front of him and after opening his eyes, started incinerating him.

Shani Dev's body started burning. There was uproar in the universe. All the gods failed to protect Suryaputra Shani. Seeing his son burning in front of his eyes, Surya also started pleading with Brahma to save him.

At last Brahma Dev himself appeared in front of Pippalad and asked him to leave Shani Dev but Pippalad was not ready. Brahma Dev talked about asking for two boons instead of one. Then Pippalad was happy and asked for two boons as follows -

Ficus religiosa - Importance of Ficus religiosa
Shani dev

Why is water offered to the Ficus religiosa tree before sunrise?

1- There will be no place of Saturn in the horoscope of any child from birth till the age of 5 years. So that no other child becomes an orphan like me.

2- The Ficus religiosa tree has given shelter to me as an orphan. Therefore, whoever offers water to the tree before sunrise will not be affected by the Mahadasha of Saturn.

Brahma Dev gave a boon by saying Aastastu. Then Pippalad freed the burning Shani by hitting his feet with his universe. Due to this Shani Dev's legs were damaged and he was not able to walk as fast as before.

Therefore, since then Shani is called "Shanai: Charati Ya: Shanaishchar:" that is, the one who moves slowly is Shanaishchar, and due to Saturn burning in the fire, the black body parts became disfigured. This is the religious purpose of worshiping the black idol of Shani and Ficus religiosa tree at present. Later, Pippalad composed Prashna Upanishad, which is still a huge store of knowledge. That's why Ficus religiosa has a lot of importance in Hinduism.

Why worship Ficus religiosa tree?

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So, friends, I hope you like this post on the importance of the Ficus religiosa tree. If you like this post, then also comment and share so that this information reaches everyone. Thank you for spending your valuable time on!

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