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Story of Demons - Demons Stories

Story of Demons - Demons Stories

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Whenever we hear the story of demons, we ignore all the other things and listen carefully. Story of demon we will tell you about Mahamuni Parashar ji.

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Story of Demons - Demons Stories
Demons Stories
Story of Demons - Demons Stories: Friends, whenever we hear the story of demons, we ignore all the other things and listen carefully. Today you will learn about such a Maharishi, who decided to burn the entire demon race into ashes and started the Yagya.

His anger was so fierce that, if he had not been stopped, the entire demon race would have been consumed like the sacrifices in that yagya. But who was that sage and why did he get so angry with the demons, we will know later in story of demons.

Hello friends, I JAY PANDEY welcome you to your blog Friends, today in the story of demons we will tell you about Mahamuni Shri Parashar ji, so let's know.

Story of Demons - Demons Stories

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   Story of demons: Once upon a time, the father of Maharishi Parashar was eaten by a demon with the inspiration of sage Vishwamitra.

When Parashar ji heard that his father had been eaten by a demon with the inspiration of Vishwamitra, he became very angry. Then Parashara Muni started performing Yagya to destroy the demons.

Hundreds of demons were burnt to ashes in that yagya. Thus, seeing those demons being destroyed, Vashishtji, the grandfather of Parashar ji, said to him - "O Vats! It is not right to be very angry, now calm down.


There is no crime of demons, this was to happen for your father. Anger happens only to fools, how can it be good for thoughtful people?

Who kills whom? Man himself bears the fruits of his actions. O Parashara, anger is also a powerful destroyer of the wealth and penance accumulated by a man's great suffering.

O Tat, sages always give up this anger that destroys both this world and the next, so don't be influenced by it. Now there is no use in burning these poor innocent demons, finish this yagna of yours.

Story of Demons - Demons Stories
Demons Yagya by Sage Parashar Ji

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    The wealth of sages is always forgiveness. Then on being explained in this way by Mahatma Vashishtha, thinking about the glory of his words, he ended that yagya.

Lord Vashishtha, the best sage, was very pleased with this. At the same time Pulastya, the son of Brahmaji also came there.

Then Grandfather Vashishtha ji offered him, Arghya, then Maharishi Pulastyaji took the seat and said to Parashar ji - You have accepted forgiveness at the behest of your elder Vashishtha ji, despite having a lot of enmity in your mind.


That's why you will be the knower of all the scriptures. O Mahabhag! Even after being extremely angry, you did not uproot my child completely, so I give you another perfect boon.

O Vats, you will be the speaker of the Puran Samhita and will know the true nature of the gods and by my offerings, your pure intellect will be doubtless in the works that generate enjoyment and salvation.

After Pulastya ji said this, the grandfather Lord Vashishtha said, whatever Pulastya ji has said, everything will be true.

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    So, friends, this was the story of the demons yagya and Maharishi Parashar ji who destroyed the demons. Friends, how did you like the story of demons?

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