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What is shivling - About Shivling

What is shivling - About Shivling

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What is Shivling - Now we Hindus ourselves have started considering Shivling as the genitals of Lord Shiva. Is it true? So let's know about Shivling.

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What is Shivling - Now we Hindus ourselves have started considering Shivling as the genitals of Lord Shiva. Is it true? So let's know about Shivling.

   What is Shivling? How Shivling was given the noun of genitals? Now we Hindus ourselves have started considering Shivling as the genitals of Lord Shiva and have started giving this wrong information to other Hindus as well. What is the relation of Shivling with nature? What is the real meaning of Shivling and how Hindus are being misled by taking it out of context? 

    Hello friends, I JAY PANDEY welcome you to your blog www.jaymart.in. As such, Shivling is very sacred in Hinduism and is worshiped in the form of Lord Shiva himself. But by some people, Shivling is being told as the genitals of Lord Shiva. But is it true? So let's know what is Shivling.

What is Shivling - About Shivling

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       Some people criticize the worship of Shivling. Small children are told that Hindus worship the Penis and vagina. Those fools do not know Sanskrit and by inculcating hatred towards Hindus in their small children, they make them mutual enemies. Sanskrit is the mother of all languages. It is also called Devvani. Let us know what is Linga. Linga means a symbol of a sign in Sanskrit. While the penis are called genitals in Sanskrit. 

    Shivling means the symbol of Shiva. Yes, friends, Purushalinga means the symbol of a man. Similarly feminine means the symbol of woman and neuter means the symbol of eunuch. Now if those who criticize the male gender consider it as the genitals of a man, then they should tell according to the meaning of "feminine gender" whether it should be a female gender or not. Being the symbol of zero, sky, infinite, universe, and formless supreme man, it is called linga. It is said in Skandapurana that the sky itself is the linga.

What is the meaning of Shivling

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     Shivling is the axis of the Earth and the entire eternal universe, which rotates along with the atmosphere. Shiva Linga also means eternal, that is, which has no end and no beginning. Shivling does not mean penis or vagina. This misunderstanding has arisen from the conversion of language and destruction of our ancient scriptures by some Sanatan Dharma opponents and later its interpretation by conspirators


    As we all know that the same word has different meanings in different languages. For example, if we take a single word “sutra” in Hindi, then sutra can mean string or thread and mathematical formula, apart from this, there can also be any commentary or writing. Like Nasadiya Sutra, Brahma Sutra etc. In the same way, the meaning of the word "Earth" can be wealth and property as well as meaning.

    In the same way, in the context of Shivlinga, the meaning of the word linga is sign, sign, quality, behavior, or symbol. The earth is its back or base and everything is born out of the infinite void, because of the rhythm in it, it is called Linga and has also been addressed by many other names. Like Prakash Stambh Linga, Agni Stambh Linga, Energy Stambh Linga, Cosmic Stambh Linga.

    There are only two things in the universe - energy and matter. Our body is made of matter and the soul is energy. Similarly, Shiva becomes the symbol of matter and power energy and is called Shivling.

Details of god Shiva's Shivling

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     All the solid and energy present in the universe is contained in the Shivling. Actually, Shivling is the shape of our universe. Shivling is the eternal single form of Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti i.e. Parvati and is also a symbol of equality of man and nature. That is, in this world, not only men and not only women have dominance, both are similar. Yoni means human zone, animal zone, tree-plant zone, vorm zone, etc. 

       Yoni means emergence or manifestation in Sanskrit. The soul takes birth in different births according to its karma. But in some religions reincarnation is not recognized, the poor people are mindless, and that's why they do not know the Sanskrit meaning of the word Yoni. Whereas in Hinduism, 84 lakh zones are told. That means there are 84 lakh types of births. 

     Now even scientists have accepted that there are 84 lakh types of creatures, trees, insects, animals, humans, etc on the earth. Man and woman together is a human zone. The word human zone is not used in Sanskrit for a single woman or a single man. So the overall meaning is that the meaning of gender is a symbol and not gender means penis.

Meaning of Shivling - About Shivlingam

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      Shiv Ling means a symbol of purity. It started with making the idol of the lamp, many hath-yogis meditate on Deepshikha. The light of the lamp flickers in the wind and creates obstacles in the process of steady meditation. That's why Shivling was done in the form of a lamp's statue. So that meditation can be done by concentrating uninterruptedly.


     But the dirty minds of some people with perverted times and dirty mentality imagined it as genitals and made false disgusting stories and ignorant innocent Hindus were confused due to lack of knowledge of the secret behind it. Even today the majority of Hindus are ignorant of this divine knowledge.

   Hindu Sanatan Dharma and its festivals are based on science, which is the gift of our forefathers, sages, sages, and ascetics. Today science also looks at the wonderful secrets of our Hindu culture with appreciable vision and is researching it.

Shiv Ling - Shivlingam


       So friends, now you might have understood the meaning of Shivling in your mind. I also hope that I have been able to explain to you well about Shivling. It is a request to all of you Shiva devotees, and Hindu Sanatan lovers, to share this information about Shiv Ling so that everyone can get this information.

     Who had spread it among our other people under the conspiracy? I hope you enjoy this post. If you love watching devotional stories videos, click here and watch the best of the best videos for free. Thank you for spending your valuable time on jaymart.in!

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